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Our Story

Our Story

Born into two longstanding wine families in Napa Valley, winemaker Jenny Wagner inherited a love of farming, an eagerness to get her hands dirty and a willingness to push boundaries.

Our Wines

Our Wines

We strive to break new ground in both our farming practices and our winemaking — offering people something they don’t typically expect.

What inspired the name Emmolo?

Emmolo is the name of my mom’s side of the family, which has a long farming history in Napa Valley. My mom, Cheryl Emmolo, has no brothers and wanted to keep the name alive. She dreamed of making wine using family vineyards, and I feel very fortunate that she passed the reins on to me. When I showed my first wine (produced in 2011) to my grandparents, it was very emotional for all of us.

Wine is an experience, and I want it to be special. I want people to feel as excited as I am.

“Wine is an experience, and I want it to be special. I want people to feel as excited as I am.”
— Jenny Wagner, winemaker

How do you spend a typical day?

There really is no typical day. The work changes with the seasons and you have to constantly adapt. It’s your job to turn out a great wine no matter what Mother Nature hands you. Fall is the most exciting time as we harvest the grapes. Even though the days are long, the Valley is lively. The smell of pomace is in the air, and everyone is on a harvest high.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

With some decisions, there’s no going back, like deciding when to pick the grapes during harvest. I remember during my first harvest a number of years ago, I asked my dad for advice. He said, “Well, good luck with that,” pushing me to figure it out for myself. I’m so grateful, because I gained the confidence to make my own mark as a winemaker.

What have you learned from your family?

My grandparents Frank and Annie Emmolo are a constant reminder to enjoy life’s good moments. My mom, Cheryl Emmolo, has inspired me to be a go-getter. And my dad, Chuck Wagner, who founded Caymus Vineyards with my grandparents, has taught me you never stop learning. I’ve also watched both of my brothers, Charlie and Joe, become successful winemakers. We all constantly push to get better and better at what we do.

Why do you love Merlot?

When a Merlot is good, it’s really good – rich, round, earthy and expressive, with ripe fruit character. It can also have soft tannins that leave a gritty texture on the palate. My goal is to create a luxurious, dark and balanced wine. And nothing makes me happier than when people tell me that Emmolo helped them see Merlot in a new light.

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Sauvignon Blanc

Less is more

Guided by the idea that “less is more,” this wine is dry and fresh, with crisp fruit flavors and bright minerality. Some of our grapes come from family vineyards in Napa Valley, with the majority coming from Suisun Valley, a “hidden gem” wine region only a short drive from Napa. Suisun shares a similar maritime climate and produces exceptional fruit. Our farming practices enable us to create a wine that is not overly ripe – while also not herbaceous – featuring low alcohol and bright acidity.


Rich and unexpected

This wine is sourced from vineyards in Napa Valley, including land that has been in the family of Jenny Wagner’s maternal relatives (the Emmolos) for generations. We seek out areas with light gravelly soil and ideal growing conditions that enable longer “hang time” for the grapes to achieve full ripeness. We also utilize techniques like crop thinning to produce an elegant, distinctive Merlot. This wine has expansive, dark berry flavors, a fresh earthiness and smooth, leathery tannins.


Elegant and bright

With a richly developed character inspired by our favorite Champagnes, our No. 7 bottling is a blend of 65% Chardonnay and 35% Pinot Noir, produced on Méthode Traditionelle. This wine is sourced from cooler coastal regions of California and is non-vintage, affording greater ability to achieve our desired style. Features soft bubbles and freshness that yields to creaminess from extended aging.

A Special Release

Plumerai Emmolo

Sauvignon Blanc Reserve
Napa Valley

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This reserve Sauvignon Blanc from Napa Valley originated from an experiment in the vineyard – a technique we now employ early in each growing season. We use a brush to remove more than half the grapes on every cluster. This labor-intensive process ensures that the remaining grapes receive abundant and equal sunlight. Harvested early, this wine features a notably racy acidity but no herbaceous quality, balanced by roundness on the palate.

Unbrushed vs. Brushed grapes

Taste Emmolo in Napa Valley

We’d love to see you at Caymus Vineyards — the family winery where you can taste Emmolo and a diverse range of wines made by Chuck, Charlie and Jenny Wagner.

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Our Wines
Our Story